What To Expect At Trinity


At Trinity, we realize that history and culture has given us the idea that "Church Clothes" are required before going to church., We no longer follow this pattern.,

On a Sunday Morning, you will see anything from a coat and tie to flip-flops and shorts (even in the winter).

It is our firm belief that God could not care less about our outward appearance, but cares deeply about the well being of our spirit.

So - as for church clothes:, please wear clothes., You put on something every time you leave the house., So, if you're comfortable leaving the house wearing it, we are comfortable with you wearing it to worship.


What can you expect during worship at Trinity?

Our Sunday Morning worship service is a blended service., We have a praise team, singing some of the best Praise & Worship music, leading worship with guitars, bass guitar, piano, and vocals., We also have an amazing pianist/organist leading worship with many of the favorite hymns of the church.

Throughout the Worship Service it is not uncommon for us to laugh together and have a lot of fun., We do maintain reverence for God, but we have realized that the bible doesn't require worship to be boring or tedious.

We have an amazing choir that sings almost every week of the year., They come prepared each week with a song that stirs the spirit and uplifts the soul., There have been times lately when our choir has almost made our pastor speechless.

Sunday morning messages - what we used to call sermons., Our pastor what is not your run-of-the-mill old fashioned preacher., Quite the opposite!, When pastor Patrick begins each Sunday morning you are never quite sure what direction he might follow., He brings enthusiasm, passion, and joy each week as he delivers the word (trying very hard not to chase to many rabbits).